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Do you need a Staffing Agency ??


We provide sales support with cost-effective solutions to staffing companies.  
During your businesses busiest time of year, do you typically have to hire additional short-term help? Are you short staffed yet unready to fully commit to a full-time hire? A staffing agency can be a valuable resource when used correctly and can even be cheaper for some employers depending on worker's compensation and tax variables. Staffing agencies are also constantly recruiting and spend thousands on job boards and advertisement, so their chances of coming across talented candidates often triumph the average small to medium sized business owner.      

Here are some of the most common uses of staffing agencies today:


  • Lack of Staff with skill
  •  Tough recruiting needs  
  • Payroll Funding​  
  • Low/No commitment to temporary employees  
  • Loss Control to keep mod rate low 
  • Seasonal labor

Why choose SETO CORP INC ?


One of the biggest mistakes a client can make is request a trade/niche specific skill set from a general staffing agency. It is important to make sure that the staffing agency you are dealing with has a labor pool or is familiar with recruiting candidates in your specific industry.  In our years in the industry we've witnessed a countless number of clients sign up with staffing firms that quite frankly do not have the skill sets the client requires inside their labor pools.  This type of thing happens very frequently and it always ends up as a waste of time and money for the client, and eaves them back at square one with what ever need they originally had.  At SETO CORP INC we've spent years in the industry both recruiting and managing labor pools.  As your agents to the industry, you let us know what you need and we take it to the right agency at no additional cost.  Our team is compensated by the staffing firms we refer this business to, so it is almost a no brainer for staffing users. On top of the administrative benefits, we do not get paid salaries by our affiliate staffing firms which saves them approximately $30,000 a year on sales representatives. So our affiliates quote our clients conscious of the fact that there is no salary burden as well as the presence of competition within our program, this brings our clients rates that are typically far more competitive than that of a user who contacted a staffing firm directly.