Employer Solutions for Payroll, Insurance, Human Resources, Staffing & Workers Comp

What is a PEO ??

Professional Employer Organization aka PEO


PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYER ORGANIZATION (PEO) A PEO establishes a co-employer relationship with your staff and contractually assumes certain employer rights, responsibilities, and risk. PEO's pay wages and associated employment costs in exchange for a fee that covers expenses, plus a margin for handling benefits, payroll processing, tax remittance, risk management, and other human resource services. Business owners remain responsible for managing daily operations, including employee supervision and management.   PEO's connect client companies’ workforces to a larger benefits and administrative employment group. With this model, PEO's can often negotiate better insurance rates and benefits for its members while giving the business owners the opportunity to focus on growing their business.

Why should you use our service ??


PEO's provide comprehensive back office solutions for business owners that want to focus more on what they do and less on administrative burdens. When partnering and engaging in a co-employment relationship with a PEO, the business owner assumes responsibility of work site operations, while the PEO handles collecting/remitting Taxes, Payroll Processing, Direct Deposit, Quarterly Filings, ACA Compliance, Risk Management, Worker's Compensation, and even Employee Benefits such as Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k, Pet insurance. These are some of the services a PEO offers. PEO's generally work with Restaurants, Hotels, Retail, Warehousing, Construction and Janitorial companies. Any small to medium sized operation. Business owners learn very quickly that being in business and being an employer comes with time-consuming responsibilities that are not always easy to understand nor handle.

The benefits of using a PEO


It is almost standard in the industry for clients to communicate with PEO's through brokers. PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYER ORGANIZATION (PEO) usually have both their own internal sales force as well as multiple channel partnerships or contracts with brokers that solicit on behalf of the PEO as a whole. Whenever you are making a big purchase you want to shop around, and shopping around for a PEO can be time-consuming and aggravating. Dealing with a broker streamlines the process, and they typically have relationships within the industry that can change an entire deal. It is also never easy to decide whether or not a PEO is a viable option for you and your business. Brokers work closely with their clients to determine which path contains the necessary solutions.

PEO services


  • Payroll
  • Workers Comp
  • Risk Management
  • Loss Control
  • Safety Control
  • Human Resources Services
  • Co-Employment
  • Employee Leasing
  • HRIS
  • Year End W2s
  • Health Plans
  • Benefits
  • FSA
  • HSA
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • 401k
  • Wellness
  • Fortune 500 Benefits
  • 940 & 941 Filings​
  • Employer Services